Yes we help you with these problems so please get in touch with us at info.kitchendesk@gmail.com

We offer a number of services. Kindly visit our offering section.

Every Kitchen is different and we customize the orders on the basis of requirements of our customers. For more, you can visit the contact us page.

Kitchen designed and executed for kitchen owners such as yourself is a project. And usually, every kitchen project requires a combination of civil work plus catalogue and custom products. These tasks are specific orders which depend upon the scope of work involved.
So, a project has at least one order within it. And, the orders are what you’re ultimately billed for.

Of course! We’d be happy to design just a part of your home for you – say a modular kitchen. Get in touch with our designers. They can guide you through the process.

Yes, we offer you a full modular kitchen warranty! This means when you design your kitchen with us, you get 3-years warranty on our catalogue products, and 6 free services.

Our professional chef will help you to clarify your doubts before finalizing the floor layout.