Island Kitchen

The Island Kitchen Design layout is the most popular layout when it comes to modular kitchen designs. This type of layout with large kitchen space is best suited for lavishly built flats or large houses that can support the extra island in front of the Kitchen.

What exactly is the Island?

The Island is basically an extra Kitchen Counter, that is not connected to other kitchen counter in any way. It is “independent” and hence the term Island. This extra counter can serve as anything, from a place to store your dishwasher, to your sink area or just a storage area or a place where you can chat with guests while preparing the meal.

The island kitchen design layout is by nature, for open kitchen. This means that the island kitchen is properly ventilated and airy. Its front area is usually open, and the walls have windows for air circulation. In addition to that, any of the 2 kitchen counters either island or the main kitchen counter can host a chimney for air circulation as well.

The island kitchen layout is the most convenient amongst all the modular kitchen designs because of how efficiently it can accommodate the work triangle, which means that your sink, cooktop or oven, and your refrigerator can be placed very conveniently in this design to maximize the cooking efficiency.

This type of kitchen offers a large seating space as well. This feature can help in your multitasking abilities, like you can prepare food while watching over your kids. The island area can double up as a place to serve snacks to the guests, while you perform your daily tasks in the kitchen.

Since this layout is meant for big spaces, it offers support for multiple kitchen workers. All the items are conveniently placed and are very accessible, that can help each person who works in the kitchen accomplish their tasks easily. This results in less stress while working the kitchen and a better, more enjoyable experience.

If you need a lot of storage space in kitchen, then then this is the design that you should opt for. This is because it offers the maximum storage space around a kitchen counter as well as the island, and still gives a very clean and uncluttered look that looks pleasing to the eyes. Just couple with ample amount of ambient lighting and your dream kitchen just comes to life.