L-Shaped Kitchen

L-Shaped Kitchen are the most common in modern homes.  These kitchens are based on utilization of junction between 2 walls to create a shape of L. These type of kitchen offer great storage management as well as space saving and functional design.

By their very design, these allow cabinets, appliances and other eatable storages to be installed at right angled walls, which facilitates easy access to everything.

There is an open area at the centre which can be used as the dining area and a place to chat with your guests.

The L-shaped Kitchen design is an excellent proponent of the working triangle as well: it allows you to get easily to your oven/cooktop, from your sink or from your refrigerator. This will ease your efforts and you will be able to cook excellent meals without having to move around much.

Another big advantage of this type of Kitchen Design is that the L-Shape makes the kitchen look bigger, making it an ideal proposition for small homes. The only requirement is two adjacent walls, and you can add more storage alongside the cooking space to maximize your productivity and efficiency while working in this type of Kitchen. It allows you more space for walking and mingling with your guests too.

This type of design is ideal for kitchen in open spaces, and offers you the flexibility to place your chairs, tables, bar cabinets, bay areas and storage units too. No wonder it is one of the most popular and most sought after designs by the customers.