Parallel Kitchen

Parallel kitchen is another form of modern kitchen in which the kitchen space is planned between 2 walls that face each other. In its ideal design, we can see two kitchen counters running parallel to each other, hence the name.

These type of kitchen designs are most suitable for small spaces and offers multiple advantages to the users. Usually, if there is only one or two persons that are going to spend some time in Kitchen, this type of design is the best choice for them.

Parallel Kitchen design layout makes it possible to separate the wet and dry areas of kitchen. There are two counters, and you can work simultaneously between the two balancing all your tasks easily.

It offers ample amount of storage spaces, and that too, within an easy reach. The storage spaces can be below the counters or wall shelves which provide you the flexibility to work around and find your items easily without any fuss.

When we take the Kitchen Work Triangle into account, just like the L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Design, the Parallel Kitchen Design is also an excellent proponent of the work triangle, as it allows you to place your sink, your cooktop/oven, and your refrigerator in a triangular fashion, which enables you to switch quickly between the three if the need arises.

Look wise, the Parallel Kitchen Design layout looks very sleek and trendy, and it boasts of both form and function because of its ability to include large storage spaces. In addition to that, if designed and managed well, it gives a very clean and uncluttered look which makes working in this type of Kitchen a delightful experience.

The Parallel Kitchen layout takes a very little time to install as well. Depending on your requirements, a typical parallel Kitchen can be expected to be ready within two to six weeks. Organizing storages and arranging items professionally can take more time, but that is based strictly on your personal choice of how you want your kitchen to look and feel like.

We highly recommend this type of layout if you want a simple, space-saving design that is both affordable and pleasing to look at.