Straight Kitchen

the straight kitchen design layout it’s the simplest, most minimalistic and the most purposeful layout available in all of the modern kitchen designs. it is cozy saves a lot of space and has a great visual appeal if paired with the color scheme of the surrounding room. This type of design is ideal for studio apartments, small flats or large houses that need a secondary kitchen.

Straight kitchen is installed on a wall. it features a single large kitchen counter running from start of the wall to its end. storage spaces are usually arranged as wall cabinets or underneath the kitchen cooktops.

The refrigerator, cooktop/oven and sink are placed in the same kitchen counter in this design, which makes working in this type of kitchen convenient and hassle free, eliminating the need to move around in the kitchen for important tasks.

The space saving layout of this design is its biggest value proposition. the street kitchen layout offers so much space that you can even set up a dining table in it. if you plan well, you can add additional Bay Area, a shelf or a dining area with the space savings.

This type of modular kitchen design is the cheapest to set up to and requires a very little installation time. the time of course will depend on the features better selected to be installed but usually it takes a shorter time than the other layouts. Since it placed on a single wall, fewer design materials are used too, cutting on the costs further.

Adding a window adjacent to the kitchen gives it a very different, and airy look and feel. if light colors are used in this type of kitchen, they enhance the beauty and overall appeal of this type of layout. contrasting colours can be used for storage spaces to make them look more pronounced and distinguish them from the cooking area.

Straight modular kitchen layout is best suited for the families that require only one person working in the kitchen. If there are two or more persons in the kitchen working simultaneously, this design might feel a little cramped and work may get affected because of the side-by-side placement of sink, cook top and refrigerator.