U-Shaped Kitchen

As the name suggests, U-shaped Kitchen layout form a shape of U. These have a continuous counter using three adjoining walls. A single large counter means a lot of cooking space, as well as a lot of storage space, beneath the counter as well as additional storage spaces if walls are also utilized.

The shape of kitchen saves a lot of space and offers offers more items to be incorporated in seemingly less space. These advantages make the U shaped kitchen perfectly user friendly, making working in it very easier and if proper attention is given to details, these can turn into aesthetic works of art.

Since the kitchen slab is continuous in this type of layout, cleaning of slab becomes very easy. You can wipe off everyday mess of the slab in few sweeps of your cloth or a wiper. No need to allot extra time for cleaning of your kitchen daily.

Another flexibility that it offers is it reduces visual clutter. Its U-shape eliminates the need to add more hardware and storage spaces, because it already offers ample amount of storage by virtue of its design and layout. More wall cabinets can be added if the need arises, but rarely is the need to expand the Kitchen to fit more items.

 This type of design favors both an open kitchen layout as well as a closed one. if you add a door to this type of kitchen, it will give you a feeling of coziness and a homely look. If you want to have a bold and chic modular kitchen design,use the U shape kitchen without a door for an impactful style statement. You can add a few darker tones to grab more eyeballs as the contrast color statements go very well with this type of design.

Adding a window to this type of kitchen enhances it’s visual appeal and makes it appear very warm bright and inviting, just how an ideal kitchen should be. This type of kitchen is excellent for small homes due to the excellent storage spaces that it offers. It is also good for large houses, because it gives a very distinct look to your kitchen.